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Pamper Your Brain to Learn Languages

Join me on a fascinating journey into the world of neuroscience and discover how you can harness the power of your brain to learn languages more effectively. 

10,00 €

The recording can be purchased online, using the Stripe payment gateway.

Who Is This For?

  • Language learners who want to optimize their language learning journey and discover brain-friendly techniques of language acquisition. 

  • Language educators and coaches interested in brain-based principles of learning.

  • Parents on the lookout for ways to help their kids learn effectively.

What's Inside?

  • 30 min. video packed with brain-friendly principles of successful learning based on neuro facts and studies

  • Importance of physical movement and ways to incorporate it into the language learning routine 

  • Dopamine and its role in learning and memory

  • Cognitive benefits of music

  • The impact of stress on our ability to learn and strategies to manage it

  • Importance of active learning and simple tricks to enrich your passive exposure

  • Practical tips to make your learning stick

  • Complete list of resources and interesting research for further study