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Language Coaching and Mentoring

Uncover the secret of success in a foreign language and learn how to learn it effectively.

Stop feeling embarrassed about your language skills, improve your fluency and comprehension, and feel confident in communication.

Discover new, efficient learning strategies that will allow you to use the language not only in the coursebook but also in real-life situations.

Set up a study system that will keep you engaged with the language even on busy days, so you don't have to start over and over again.

Receive comprehensive and personalized support on your journey to mastering a foreign language.

For more information about what language coaching and mentoring is and what is its place in education, check out my blog.

Who will find this useful?

If you identify with any of the following statements, it's likely that I can help you:

  • You would like to learn a foreign language, but you think you don't have the time or talent.

  • You struggle to find the motivation to learn.

  • You want to learn a foreign language from scratch, but you're unsure where to begin.

  • You've been learning a language for some time, but you keep starting over or feel like you're not making progress, and you don't know why.

  • You wish to boost your confidence in communication and overcome speaking anxieties.

  • You don't really enjoy learning a language, but you need it for work, travel, or other reasons.

  • Even though you surround yourself with the language, you struggle to communicate effectively in real-life situations.

  • You aim to successfully handle language-related challenges such as exams, interviews, or presentations in a foreign language.

  • You understand that dedicating a few hours per week to language learning in a (language) school is not enough, and you want to incorporate language practice into your daily life.

  • You prefer not to attend regular long-term language courses with an instructor and are looking for support with individual learning.

This may not be suitable for:

  • Individuals who are not interested in learning a foreign language or improving their language skills.

  • Those who are happy and content with their current language learning progress, and therefore do not feel the need to make any changes.

  • Those who tend to come up with reasons why it's not possible instead of seeking opportunities and possibilities to make it happen.

What can I help you with?

Change mindset

... and realize where the problem lies in your learning and what limiting beliefs are stopping you from reaching your goals.

Find motivation

... and consistently renew it, so that learning becomes a source of joy rather than just another obligation.

Overcome barriers

... both in learning and communication that hinder you and prevent you from feeling confident in the language.

Create a system

... of learning based on your possibilities and needs to guide you on the ideal path to achieving your goals.

Learn effectively

... and experiment with new learning strategies, incorporating insights from psychology and neuroscience.

Make time

... for language learning and integrate it into your schedule in a sustainable way that aligns with your lifestyle.


"I finally dared to speak. The stress-relief exercises we did together really helped me. I was able to concentrate better, and I wasn't as nervous. Thank you so much!"
Gabriela V.
"You led us very professionally to what we want to achieve - a clear way to learn a foreign language. Your language coaching helped me clarify what will work for me in learning a foreign language, how to find and maintain motivation, and how to incorporate the language into my daily life. In the end, it's not just about the progress in the language itself, but these newfound insights about myself can be applied in other areas of my life where I want to make progress. The more sessions I attended, the more supportive language coaching became; it's exactly what was missing in the traditional way of language learning. Your tips and various learning options are also very valuable to me, and there's always room to choose what resonates with me the most."
Ľubica D.
"Thanks to coaching, I can organize my learning priorities better. I can reflect more on my learning and use the language in my daily life. It's great that there's no pressure from anyone here, and I can go at my own pace and learn what I need."
Romana Illášová
"It was essential for me to feel comfortable and have a natural space for reflection, from which I gained a lot. From my perspective, it definitely makes sense to have more of these sessions, to break it down into smaller parts, and give it time to mature."
Adela K.
"Janka taught me through language coaching to take responsibility not only for learning a completely new language but also to find self-motivation within myself and strengthen my 'I can do attitude' and 'yes, I can find time'. Thanks to her, what used to be hard work has turned into a fun and new activity for me and my daughter. I highly recommend her."
Miroslava Krásna
"I started using English more often than just in school. I can now find materials on my own and learn what interests me, and I already have a system for learning grammar and vocabulary."
Aneta V.
"For me, it's a really good concept - very professionally designed. The questions prepared made a lot of sense to me and allowed me to delve deeper into myself. It was a time when I became aware of what I want regarding the language, and it's beneficial for me to be conscious of these things and think about them regularly."
Katarína Šantová
"In coaching, I focus on myself, learning my 'why,' what motivates me, how I approach things, and how I want to have them. It's also essential to reflect on how I actually do things and whether it brings any results, as people usually don't think about it. It's also great to organize my thoughts, understand why things are not working as I want them to, and how I can do them differently. Because when I'm just given some methods like 'do it this way, and it will work,' it might not work for me precisely because I won't look within myself, and I won't have it sorted out internally."
Barbora Facunová
"I highly recommend it to everyone. Janka is an excellent teacher, coach, and she knows how to guide and motivate students in learning the language. 🙂 The lessons with her were enjoyable, informative, and most importantly, one can take away a lot from them for the future. 🙂"
Eva Balogová
"Once, I had chaos in my learning. Now everything is clear to me, I understand what I should do and how to learn to achieve the desired results."
"I realized that I have the ability to learn the language easily and interestingly."
"I have created a learning system that allows me to progress further in my studies without constantly going back."
"The program helped me understand what is most important for me in language learning and how to stick to the plan."
"I started to better understand what I need to work on, I am less stressed, and it helped me during a job interview."
Participants of the "How to Learn Slovak" coaching program