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Mgr. Jana Grežová, ACPC

I'm a proud mom of two adorable kids and also wear many hats in my professional life - I'm a language coach, mentor, school psychologist, and an English teacher with nearly two decades of experience. When I'm not busy with all of that, you can find me running, biking, hiking, and even experimenting with different foreign languages.

During my college days, I pursued a combination of English and psychology studies, and I got the amazing opportunity to take part in exchange programs in the USA and Finland. Those experiences really opened up new perspectives and inspired my teaching journey. Throughout my career, I've worked with all sorts of schools and students, spanning various language levels and age groups. First, I started off as an English teacher, and later as a school psychologist.

I discovered that traditional education often overlooks the importance of developing metacognitive skills (learning how to learn), which are absolutely crucial for not just learning languages, but for successful learning in general. From my experience, I've learned that many students struggle with a language not because they lack the talent, but simply because they don't know how to learn effectively.

That's why I decided to bridge the gap between language and psychology, providing my students and clients with not only English language instruction but also focusing on personalized learning systems and strategies. Through coaching, I guide them towards becoming independent learners, capable of tailoring their studies to their needs and feeling confident in the language. As language coaching and mentoring extend beyond teaching a specific foreign language, my work isn't just limited to the English language anymore - I can help people learn other languages, too. 


  • 2023 World Mindset Organization
    7-week Intensive Mental Fitness Training

  • 2022 Powercoaching s.r.o.
    A course of coaching accredited by the International Coaching Federation

  • 2012 Comenius University in Bratislava
    Specialization in School Psychology Studies

  • 2005-2010 Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra
    Teaching academic subjects: English language and literature, Psychology



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