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Teachers who Coach (Martin Richards)

Martin Richards, a world-renowned educator and coach, asked teachers who use a coaching approach in their work to share their views and experiences. In the spring compilation of 2024, we will embark on a journey worldwide and meet eight of them. Read inspirational stories about how coaching has changed their personal and professional lives.

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*The authors of the compendium provided their stories free of charge. By purchasing the printed version of the book, you will contribute to spreading awareness of the benefits of coaching in education.

Who Is This For?

  • Educators interested in coaching and learner-centered approaches focusing on the student and their needs.

  • The aim of this compendium is to globally connect teachers with coaches and coaches with teachers. So with just one click, you can find help, support, ideas, information, encouragement, training, coaching, or mentoring. You are not alone.

What's Inside?

  • Stories of eight teachers who have become coaches or apply a coaching approach in their practice:

    • Dan Vockins from the UK
    • Alina Shmakova from Russia
    • Jana Grežová from Slovakia
    • Kaire Viil from Estonia
    • Silvia Čiháková from the Czech Republic
    • Arantza Danes Vilallonga from Spain
    • Daniel Söderholm from Sweden
    • Harvey Trump from Egypt
  • Contacts - links to their LinkedIn profiles.

  • General principles and benefits of coaching in education.

  • Specific tips and coaching questions you can start using in your classes right away.